chris laypath

Principal: Chris Laypath
Phone: 801-402-2800

kathryn hansen

Admin. Intern: Kathryn Hansen
Phone: 801-402-2800


Contact Information


Main Office: 801-402-2800
Attendance: 801-402-2806
Fax:  801-402-2801

Office Hours:  8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Secretary:  Carmen Best


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Mission Statement

Learning First!

Teaching Beliefs
All students can learn. All students have strengths and can learn how to use them. Students need to have high expectations. Students are natural learners. Learning is a process of discovery, direct instruction and vocabulary. Students need a positive and safe environment. Students deserve support. Student background, culture, values, language & beliefs are critical.

All students can learn through high expectations and individualized learning opportunities.

Vae View Expectations
1. Be in the proper place at the proper time.
2. Treat people and materials with kindness and respect.
3. Keep hands, feet and objects to self.
4. Follow all staff directions the first time given.

Core Values
1. Be kind and respectful
2. Be responsible
3. Be safe